Universal Healthcare

We are the bold and beautiful fabric that binds the Universal Healthcare Movement together.  If you or an organization you work within are furthering healthcare revolution in this country through strong belief and organizing action that healthcare is a human right, and that as a country, we must move to a Medicare For All, single payer system in order to ensure that people are placed above corporate profit, we deeply appreciate your efforts!  We demonstrate this gratitude by knitting Berets for Nurses and inspiring organizing action for us all to come together in cities coast to coast for a March For Medicare For All on May 6th, National Nurses Day!

Our pledge to you, is that there will be a mother march in Tacoma, Washington.  We are organizing and working in partnership with our local allied organizations to bring this to fruition.  Local organizations such as Our Revolution, and Indivisible can be contacted and asked for their endorsement and assistance in organizing.

If you are interested in forming your own local city or state chapter of Red Berets Medicare for All, you are invited to utilize the same plan of action we have taken, which is to apply for your group to become a local Our Revolution group.  This will give a common platform or banner in which we can all rally behind and you will have access to the organizing toolkit and resources that Our Revolution National provides, namely, that your group will appear on their website map for people to find you if they are doing a search to plug in to the Medicare For All Movement.

We are knitting hats for all who will march with us on May 6th, National Nurses Day and through our crafting, we endeavor to bring together all grassroots organizations working toward a Medicare for All, single payer system.

My name is Laura Fielding and I am the Director and founding member of Red Berets Medicare for All. The idea for this creative organization has three distinct strands.

My life’s work in holistic healthcare, specifically Craniosacral therapy and Biodynamic massage. I was privileged to study both of these in the United Kingdom where healthcare is understood to be a human right and where there is a profound understanding that holistic/complimentary modalities must be intertwined and infused into a western treatment approach.

This leads me to the second strand which is, how I came to study there.  My husband served two consecutive tours at RAF Lakenheath, UK and for my own part, I was asked many times over how I could bear the fact that so many are left behind in the United States system.  The fact is, I cannot.

The third strand lies in my seeking to find a way through my creativity—my passion for knitting and crafting, to inspire and connect the Medicare for All healthcare revolution. I am deeply grateful to each and every human being who is contributing to this project and in helping to realize Universal Healthcare for our country.

Let’s move mountains, dear friends!