If you are #PunksForBernie or if you just want some fckin justice and #MedicareForAll—if you want to smash the corrupt establishment, go find my comment on this thread and RT, or drop a comment🔥

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The punk rock movement needs to know our @ChiefOfReceipts!

#Berets4Bernie2020 @RedBeretsM4All
@bjdombro @fat_wreck @NOFXband I don’t think I could even do a top three fav @NOFXband b/the Decline would be among them.

I love that—“lyrically responsible,”

They’ve always sung truth to power against a corrupt est.

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Happy #SinglePayerSunday! @ninaturner retweeted me and that is the most excellent start to the day anyone could ask for!

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Stay’s comin!

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#Berets4Bernie2020 @RedBeretsM4All
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I’ve never been so proud to be a white woman being taught how to love and raise my voice for the “rainbow mosaic of humanity,” as I have been since hearing Bernie and then listening to you preach and teach—during countless hours of knitting🧶


#ImAttractedToThe__Type of person who doesn’t screw me over and then say, hey, can I screw you over again? I’ll make you a deal...I’ll let you but me a beer!!